The Greatest Country in the World

I read a great article on the health care debate today.  You should check it out.  But more importantly, I was reading through the comments on the author’s site and one struck a chord with me.  I wanted to share it (and it was too long to tweet).

As a Canadian, I can’t but wonder at a country whose citizens boast of having a Constitutional right to own and carry killing weapons, but none to be cared for when they’re seriously ill. Just think about it.

The idea of whether universal health care is the right thing has always been a moral one to me.  This quote also made me extend my thoughts to the  talking points around the current debate.  Opponents of health care reform keep invoking the strawman of “socialized medicine”, as if letting government provide health care for all is somehow a bad thing.  First of all, those two are not the same.  That’s not even the real issue though.  We spend billions of dollars a year on newer and better ways to end life.  It’s something we readily allow “Big Government” to control.  They tell us how it’s done and we don’t even get a say in when, where and why they send our sons and daughters to die.  But we refuse to take responsibility as a nation for each other’s health.

I have more to say on this.  But no time.  Read the article, then write your Congressmen.

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